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Xbox Series S – World Premiere Reveal Trailer Review

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Xbox Series S – World Premiere Reveal Trailer

Microsoft has confirmed via its official Xbox Twitter account that a discless, tiny Xbox called the Series S will be released alongside its forthcoming Xbox Series X. The Series S was initially leaked late Monday, first by Brad Sams on Twitter, and also by Walking Cat. The Xbox account tweeted an image of the same small design dominated by a large, round vent grill, and said that the estimated retail price at launch for the new version of the console will be $299.

The original leak from Sams also includes the $299 price, and Walking Cat’s leaked trailer video inlaid more details — including noting that the console is 60% smaller than the forthcoming Series X, but that it includes a high-speed 512GB NVMe SSD, with performance offering up to 1440p resolution at 120FPS, along with 4K upscaling. It’ll also support DirectX ray tracing. UPDATE: Xbox posted the official trailer itself on Tuesday as well, confirming the legitimacy of the leaked version, and officially pegging the release date for November 10.

We knew it was coming since 2018 but now we have our first look at the unannounced hardware. The Xbox Series S is expected to be announced sometime soon but this is your first look at the hardware.

The big news here, aside from the device itself, is that it looks like it will cost $299 when the hardware hits retail availability. The console is white and based on the image, does not appear to have a disc drive but we don’t fully know that until we get a better side shot of the console. Further, this device appears to look closer to the Xbox One family of devices than the tower of the Series X.

With this price point, Microsoft is making an aggressive entry into the next-generation console wars and will likely undercut the PS5 on pricing. Further, we can likely speculate that the Series X should come in at either $499 or possibly $599, based on the pricing of this console.

While we still do not know the release date for this console, or the Series X, based on the images that have started showing up across the web for this console, an announcement should be right around the corner.


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