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What Is a Structured Settlement? | Can I Sell My Payments?

[VidSitePro id=93 ][Music] hey everyone its Liz let’s talk a little bit about a topic that seems to confuse a lot of people ever heard of a structured settlement it’s a type of payment used by an insurance company to pay for the settlement of a personal injury medical malpractice or a wrongful death claim the full amount of the settlement isn’t handed over right away instead it’s made in payments that can vary in amount duration and frequency they can be once a month once a quarter yearly or a mix and every payment structure is different here’s the thing these payments were intended to be helpful but they might not always align with the current needs of the person getting them think about this you receive an annual payment but you have monthly rent to pay or you need to make a down payment on a house but you’re stuck with monthly payments even though you know you’ve got larger payments coming ten years down the line I mean life changes right not everyone knows this but you can actually sell your future payments and get money for the things you need now and if you’re considering doing that it’s important to pick the right company to work with I like to mention JG Wentworth because they have years of experience getting people the money they need these guys know what they’re doing they’re the industry leaders well that’s it for today and remember if it doesn’t make dollars it doesn’t make sense see you next time [Music]

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