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Go to Bed with This 10-Minute Sleep Meditation

Why You Don’t Need Another Mindfulness Tool


Kiki Koroshetz is the wellness director on goop’s editorial team and the ringleader of the goop Book Club.

During my past-life regression therapy session, I learned I was a soldier at war. I don’t know which war, but it was thrilling. The whole week was thrilling. I got an herbal soak foot massage, a head massage, a hand massage, something heavenly called the Royal Ayurvedic massage. I met with a naturopath and an acupuncturist. I did pranayama breathwork, yoga, and Qigong. I swam in the lap pool and sat in the leisure pool overlooking a secluded beach. I read all the books that I had stuffed into an XL tote bought for the sole purpose years ago of being stuffed with books. I fell in love with a pumpkin soup and a “cappuccino” made with coconut milk and dandelion “coffee.” I feared the phone in the villa would ring and someone would tell me that it was a mistake and I wasn’t supposed to be there.

“What are your fears?” asked Rajesh Ramani at the first of our three sessions. I didn’t tell him about watching the phone. We talked about marriage, stress, and how to listen to feelings and emotions. The mind can only rationalize, Ramani told me. It doesn’t know how to understand emotion.

Ramani is a life-enhancement mentor at Kamalaya, a wellness resort and retreat on Koh Samui in Thailand. He’s been training and working in spiritual philosophy realms for the past two decades.

The week I stayed at Kamalaya, he taught me different breathwork and meditation techniques. He told me stories about himself and other retreat-goers that made me laugh. He gave me homework. I wrote down lists of needs, things I was grateful for and proud of, and feelings I was searching for. I felt calm, uncommonly so. I left with tools for creating patience. I didn’t want to leave his sun-drenched office. I didn’t want to leave Kamalaya.

“I wrote down lists of needs, things I was grateful for and proud of, and feelings I was searching for. I felt calm, uncommonly so.”

It’s been a little over a year since I did. I thought about Ramani the other day. What would he say about having patience now? What tools would he recommend?

We got on a Zoom call. Ramani at his home on Koh Samui, me in LA. The connection was terrible. It was good to see him.

He told me about a video he watched online of someone painting. He said that 2 million people had watched it. “It’s just someone painting something,” he said. He laughed. So many mindfulness sites and tools. “Everyone is a coach, teacher, advisor. And there’s a huge need for that right now. But I what I want to say is, why are we focusing on all this now? What do we actually want?”

“Ask yourself,” Ramani said, “Why am I looking for this tool? Why am I looking for mindfulness?”

I saw myself frown on the Zoom thumbnail. I wasn’t going to get a tool? I was going to have to think about what was happening within me? Read More


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