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Fixed Annuity Sales – How to sell Fixed Annuities to clients with CD’s

[VidSitePro id=97 ]hi I’m Julian Daugherty president and founder of DFS marketing DFS marketing were a fixed index annuity wholesaling marketing organization we wholesale fixed index annuities for the largest insurance companies in the world we’re the middleman between the agents and the insurance carriers DFS marketing today we’re having our two comma Club meeting that’s a meeting where we bring in multi-million dollar fixed index annuity and life insurance agents we get in a group we talk about the services that DFS marketing offers how DFS can help the producer get out there and see more people bring technology to their practice to me to reach the masses and today I’ve got Tony Tony thank you very much for coming out thank you for inviting yes I hope you learned a little today with what DFS can do for you and your business and I really appreciate the time that you spent with us you know I always get we’re doing these videos number one to be able to help producers that may have just started in the business may be the producers that are you know been around for a long time to get maybe some extra pointers from top producers like yourself it’s always good to practice and learn and listen and always get self help and we’re doing this video today to be able to help answer one question that I get a lot the question is when is it appropriate or when do you offer a fixed index annuity to a client that has a CD every single time here’s my answer everything that’s it every single time every single time quest why first of all CDs aren’t paying very much and annuity is you gonna get the upside potential with downside protection and you get a better return yeah any money and what do you get out of a CD very little yeah and when you say very little you mean very little interest rate a little inches right yeah you know one thing when it comes to CDs and see the owners I found I found that CD owners do not care about returns see the owners care about safety and liquidity when you go in and you’re talking with the client who has a CD and you’re talking about returns returns returns returns on these fix index annuities they don’t care they want the money to be safe they want the money to be liquid or at least have some kind of access to it so my suggestion when it comes to moving money out of a CD and explaining how to move money out of a CD is do a fixed index annuity presentation show how the fixed index annuity can provide all the services that you just mentioned the upside earning potential no downside losses income stream for life nursing home and terminal illness waivers and a reasonable rate of return on the money plus the tax deferral and then possibly move some or all of that CD to a fixed index annuity do you remember the last time you moved a CD on annuity over 20 years ago yeah yeah you know there’s 22 trillion dollars sitting in CDs right now that’s a good business to start going after Wow 22 trillion people I put money on the sidelines like you can’t believe it and the money is sitting there earning hardly any interest and the banks are the ones that are making the money not the customers so I love talking to CD owners about fixed index annuities because the returns are fantastic and the the type of access that cluster customers can get on these fixed annuities is superb so when it comes to fix indexed annuities you sell them correct yes how long have you been selling the VIX index in thirty years thirty years I got started in the business on the annuity side oh that’s good I mean I’m telling you that’s been a long time and I appreciate you spending your time here at the offense learning the services that we offer hopefully we can help you see more people build your business and help you with the technology side of things me too I Bri said again remember DFS marketing we can help you make more money and deliver better service to your clients [Music] subscribe to my channel for the latest and greatest updates on the fix index annuity world and how DFS can help you with your business

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