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Annuity Sales Training: How Our Annuity Sales Presentation Process Works

[VidSitePro id=98 ]howdy it’s David do Ford Steven Burgess here at David do 4.com home of the best insurance sales training you’ve ever seen today we’re going to go into detail about the anews annuity sales training strategy it’s news here and how we actually teach agents how to go in prospect present annuity deals and that’s why I have Steven here because easy knew the expert that works with my agency and teaching agents like yourself newer experience how we do it so I’m going to turn the service Steven and he is going to start by explaining the first process of the annuity sales strategy which is the meet and greet the basics just like in final expense is the meet and greet so this is a person that we have an appointment with they’ve already spoken to somebody and they’re expecting something from me they’re expecting information they’re expecting a catalog of senior services contact information and what I do is I surprise them with exactly what they were expecting go figure not only not only do I surprise them with it but it’s 15 pages it’s in color its quality and it’s good information and what I have found is that the better the information that I present the longer time that I spend on the catalog the more susceptible is a good work but the more open they are to doing business with me which is a better work but the other thing I got to share this with and Dave and I were talking about before is is the other day I was noticing that I was having a problem with appointments that I had said afterwards and we’ll get to that in a second but appointments that were cancelling and a friend of mine and we were talking about and he said what are the basics that you’re doing wrong in the basics that I was doing wrong is I was getting so good at what I do that I forgot the basics of the warm-up so the idea of you know geez where did you come from and what are your hobbies and and when I expanded on the warmup so it’s the warmup it’s the meetin agreed the warm-up if a client is not warmed up to you they’re not going to do so I warm up meet-and-greet present the catalog ask permission as long as I’m here it’s okay with you license it regulated through the Department of Financial Services there might be a few areas that I could be of assistance is okay with you if I ask a few more questions they were always kind of expecting me to do this and somehow working the fact-finder I work the fact-finder the fact-finder I’m looking for opportunities for health insurance I’m looking for opportunities for long term care and I’m looking for opportunities for life insurance something that’s already in place that has the opportunity to be relocated I’m asking if they have a will or living trust in place do they need that do they have property out-of-state and then I start diving into the hardest place which takes an earning you know you have to earn your way there you start talking about their financials if you’re talking about a person’s financials you’ve earned the right to do that and when I say earn the right to do that you have to build trust they have to be a person you have to be a person that they trust now in the first set there’s two things I’m looking to do if I’m going to write business it’s generally going to be on life insurance life insurance is while we’re here we’ve got to get you a health qualifying so it just makes sense you know let’s skip a step in annuity business if I find a prospect that has money that’s really suitable qualified money small accounts just sitting there I do what I call the suitability close you know this product may be suitable for you may not I don’t know state of Florida has restrictions I’m kind of handcuffed can I do that for you today I’ll be back on Thursday and present a prospectus I try to get pen to paper the magic wand if you’re pulling out the pen and they’re writing if it makes sense to them that day try to write it right away but it’s not necessary though the whole thing that I look to do is the follow-up appointment and besides your telemarketer loves you if you’ve got for follow-up appointments for Fri and Ricardo if you’re out there I’m talking to you Mike Mike telemarketer his name’s Ricardo if I have follow-up appointments and I’ve got a booked up Friday he takes the day off paid a generous insurance agent are you kidding me yes yes because he’s armed if he’s gotten me good quality appointments I make sure that I pay him back by making sure that he has some time off so because I’m right in business I have no problems as long as my telemarketer is putting me in front of good quality clients he gets to deal so bottom line five steps here meet and greet you explain demonstrate show the catalog number three you do the fact-finder which allows you to find the health life business and hopefully the actual annuity business I guess that would be step for finding the business I don’t know you got the fight there you’re writing them down I was just talking off the top of my you’re making some of those it go yeah and then number five is either clothes if you can or do the suitability clothes and do a follow-up appointment after that more specific for the annuity side so that’s it that’s how we teach the annuity sales business it’s not complicated it’s basic sales there’s no magical dust being thrown around here but there is a process you have to learn there are certain words that you have to say there’s transitionary language that you have to take advantage of to move from one process to the other but it’s something that’s learn about right you don’t have to know all this intuitively you just need a process and you need to shadow somebody like Steven who’s understood how to do this for many years and has taught many other agents how to do the same can I make a point sure one of the things that I think agents do or they rely on if they go on YouTube and they think oh David and Steven are on and and they’re going to show me everything I need to know if you want to learn how to do this industry get in front people rent practice practice practice how do you get to Carnegie Hall practice practice practice and how do you practice by having qualified clients to go talk to you’re going to make mistakes you’re going to get out there and you’ll have a great big annuity business and oh boy if I land this half a million dollars I’ll be on easy street and Steve I got almost there almost there’s great next time you’ll get a little bit closer a little bit closer than a little bit closer but you learn by experience don’t overthink it if you’re overworking you’ll be successful if you’re overthinking you’ll be sitting on the sidelines wondering why are these guys going out and closing business and I’m not one key feature an unemployed insurance agent is a guy that doesn’t have anybody to talk to go out and talk to people go out and talk to qualified clients that can be prosperous that’s what we teach you to do so we actually do a system where we set your appointments for you again the biggest complaint most agents have no matter what other industry are in the newly ladies talk to nobody talk to you right and so we solved that problem for you we are the solution for that our program for full-time agent puts you in front of 12 to 15 annuity prospects every single week of which you have no interaction with setting the appointment the only interaction you do with them is running the appointments that were set the prior day so that you can focus on what makes it the most money which is giving presentations if you’d like to learn more about how our program works and get more information follow Steve’s advice click the link below it’s gonna take you to a web page where it’s going to have a lot of videos that explain the process of the annuity sales program and more depth as well as a preset appointment strategy if you like this video please subscribe if you have it share it with any insurance friends that you have that may be interested in this as well like the video and leave a comment below if you have any questions or concerns my name is David do for Steven Burgess see you guys later bye

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