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Annuity Sales: $100,000 In Annuity Sales Income In 12 Months

[VidSitePro id=108 ]hey what’s up out there it’s David due for it here at David due for calm today I’m joined with mr. Steven Burgess to my left I doing today Steven I’m doing great and we are here for a continuation of the video series on how to help you sell annuities and learn about the annuity sales business so we’ve done a lot of videos up to this point and this one is going to be particularly interesting because it’s going to actually take the concept of selling annuities and put it into hard math as far as what you may potentially expect to make specifically we’re going to show you the math behind making $100,000 in selling annuities in your first 12 months so we’re going to start here is kind of taking apart the different aspects that help us determine what kind of income you can actually take so first thing we got to look at of course is the average case size – Steve kind of explain to us what’s our average annuity case size of course state to state it’s different but I live in the state of Florida and in state of Florida has people have affordable homes they have small retirement plans sometimes they have substantial retirement plans substantial retirement plans are big commissions small retirement plans eighty thousand one hundred thousand hundred twenty thousand that’s normally what I find and these are qualified money qualified money is the easiest to move cash is a little more difficult stock options a little more difficult but qualified money is money that they never want to lose for the rest of their lives so that’s the ideal topic to be talking about for annuity so the average case size being 80 90 thousand at the low end 120 hundred 40 at the at the upper end so Commission level forty four thousand to six thousand range you’re talking about one one half a months if you don’t do one one and a half every two weeks I would be surprised that’s what full timers right full time yeah and I will I won’t brag anything but I did a million two in six weeks so you know it can be done at a faster rate than that but just to start I mean just the the blue-collar go out there and trudge and see enough people and then put your face in front of enough folks do I fully expect you to be able to do that if you if you see enough people if you use the system that we have which puts you in front of qualified buyers on a regular basis on the day-to-day basis believe in the system believe in getting in the car every day because and here’s my definition of another unemployed agent David it’s a guy that doesn’t have anybody to see that right we’re both unemployed right now because we’re talking to you okay I’ll be employed on Tuesday of next week because I’m going to be on vacation but an employed agent is a person that has a client to go see and and our system puts you in front of people and allows you to make that $100,000 well by the way David if you’re writing a hundred thousand dollars in annuity this year and you do not write fifty thousand dollars in life insurance wake up and smell the roses because those are the folks that were singing we’re seeing people that were were there to talk about annuity we’re there to talk about improving their financial situation but if you look at the fact finder that we have we go through the opportunity to make Medicare supplement make Medicare Advantage I don’t like to do that kind of work a lot of paperwork you know I kind of my cup of tea but there’s somebody that that’s out there maybe you maybe you love that stuff stay with it okay but there’s life insurance there’s paid up policies there’s you else that are a lot of the times people have the spouse passed away so they have these giant life insurance policies and the person that they bought them for passed away well what are you gonna do with all this cash value don’t you want to make sure that that gets to your kids so it’s if you’re writing a hundred thousand dollars a year in annuity add something on the top of that pie because life insurance is also yeah so I think it’s an important point here is that when we break down what’s required to hit a hundred thousand and Commission’s it’s really a case or two a month and if you’re using a program like ours which on a full-time basis right now we’re getting agents twelve to fifteen preset appointments that you don’t have to call you just literally pay the fee for the leads the appointments and you show up and you run the appointments if you see that kind of number of people week I can’t guarantee it nobody can guarantee it but it’s very highly likely you’re going to stumble across at least if not find annuity prospects all over the place when you’re working that kind of numbers because to an extent this business is a numbers game and just like Stephen said too I can’t emphasize it enough along with the new ‘ti business the great thing about our sales process we teach you is we show you how to find not just annuity prospects but also the life insurance business like there’s going to be paid up policies that you could roll into an annuity or a single pay life insurance plan you’re gonna see you l’s universe life plans that are imploding I think the New York Times or The Washington Post just did an article on how many seniors have these plans where they were just totally shocked at how the premiums are going up you’re in a position to run across these plans and help them before they implode up and they either take what’s in there put in an annuity paid up plan or just write them another life insurance plan the bottom line is yeah you can make a hundred thousand dollars making annuities in this simple setup in which we showed you using our appointment setting program but man there’s so much more business out there done you’ll just see on top of the annuity business that’s already going to be presented to you so I hope you enjoyed this video hope this gives you a little bit of motivation and encouragement as to what’s possible again it doesn’t take hundreds of cases of selling annuities to get a hundred thousand a year income it just takes a handful and there’s lots of people who need your help I assure you and if you’d like to learn more about how this annuity sales training program works I’ve trained Stephen very well on how to show you how to find it there is a link below in the description box it’s going to take you to a webpage where you can review a variety of videos on how our preset appointment annuity program works what we bring to the table for agents interested in selling annuities whether you’re newer experienced doesn’t matter we train brand new agents we take on experienced annuity agents that want to get a better lead program to get more autonomy increase their commissions all that kind of stuff go to that web page learn more about our program then you’ll see an option where you can set up an appointment either with myself or with Stephen to progress and move forward I hope you enjoyed this video subscribe if you haven’t and just like Stephen suggests and make sure you thumbs it up as well and leave a comment below if you’d like to ask a question and if you know anybody who sells insurance please share these videos with them they will really appreciate it my name is David do for Stephen Burgess thanks for watching guys see you later

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